Deep Water Culture

How to Build a Deep Water Culture System

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Deep water culture systems are among the most accessible and most cost-effective hydroponic systems any gardener can run. The materials required are straightforward, yet there are numerous ways these DWC systems can be built. It is possible to purchase these systems, but because they are so easy to construct, it is worth any growers time to build one and use …

Is Vertical Farming Sustainable?

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As we look at new methods of food production, vertical farming comes up a lot. Vertical farming leverages controlled environments and hydroponics to grow plants. Many vertical farm structures are called ‘skyscrapers’ because of their tall, stacked formation. Looking at some of these high tech indoors farms can feel like you’re looking at the future through a window in the …

Is Vertical Farming the Future

Is Vertical Farming the Future of Agriculture?

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We’ve seen the rise of numerous innovations designed to improve our world and mitigate issues that come with a rapidly expanding global population. Vertical farms are part of a rising influx of ‘urban agriculture,’ which allows food to be grown closer to large population points. Now more people are recognizing the value of vertical farming, although few people understand what …

Hydroponic Grow Light

What Grow Lights are Best for Hydroponics? A Complete Guide

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While many growers struggle with some of the many variables when running a hydroponic system, they can overcome these, and come to understand how things work. However, for newer growers, there is one area that can cause persistent problems, and seems to elude them how they can conquer it and fully understand it. This is lighting, and it is one …

Testing EC of water

How to Test EC in Water – Complete Guide to Electrical Conductivity

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Hydroponic growers are faced with many challenges when it comes to monitoring their nutrient solutions and pH levels. We know this can affect how plants grow because some plants require very different ratios to grow to their full potential. If these two factors were challenging enough, there is one more element in nutrient solutions that needs constant monitoring and adjusting …

Differences between aeroponics and hydroponics

The Critical Differences Between Aeroponics and Hydroponics

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New trends have risen among innovative gardeners, hydroponics and aeroponics having been some of the biggest uptakes in the industry. Like many uninitiated, you’re probably wondering what each involves and what the critical differences between aeroponics and hydroponics are. Many of the differences come from the method of delivering nutrients, applications, and growing medium (or lack thereof). It gets more …

Is sunlight needed?

Do Hydroponics Need Sunlight?

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There are vast numbers of people who have heard of hydroponics, and the majority of those know that systems can be set up indoors. This leaves a begging question by some. Do hydroponic plants need sunlight? The answer to this simple question could be answered very quickly in one word. However, it wouldn’t be entirely accurate. Rather than saying ‘yes’ …

Best fertilizer

What is the Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics?

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As hydroponics grows without soil, plants miss out on a vast number of nutrients that are contained in the ground. This is where hydroponic nutrients come into play and are replacements for all of the micro and macronutrients that are found in soil. There are two types of fertilizers you can use, liquid or powdered, and these can come in …

Can You Use Miracle-Gro in Hydroponics?

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This question doesn’t really have an easy answer because there are a few variables at play. To be entirely sure if Miracle-Gro can be used in a hydroponics system, we need to see if it contains all the elements which plants need for proper growth. There are also other factors which might determine, not only its effectiveness for hydroponic use …