Hydroponic Pot Size

Does Pot Size Matter in Hydroponics?

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Hydroponic growers have many things to consider. First is the type of system they will be using, what are the best nutrients, and are they growing indoors or outdoors. All of this can create an intricate balance to make sure plants receive the best of everything. One factor, which might be overlooked, is the pot size, and how it affects …

Avocado in Hydroponics

Can You Grow Avocado in a Hydroponics System?

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When people think of growing in hydroponic systems, they tend to think of more popular vegetables and fruits like lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries. However, with some careful tweaking, it can be possible to grow an Avocado tree in a hydroponic system. Can you grow avocado in a hydroponics system? Yes, you can grow Avocado in your hydroponic system when …

Nutrient Soil

Can Hydroponic Nutrients Go Bad?

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Because hydroponics plants are grown without soil, the only way they can obtain their nutrients is through additions to their water supply. Bottles of nutrients are often purchased by the gallon to make it cost-effective, and as a result, they might be standing for an extended period. New users might be concerned, and they have wasted money purchasing larger bottles. …

Increase Yield

Why do Hydroponics Grow Faster and Increase Yield?

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Many people have heard the term hydroponics, and a few of these might have heard that it is an excellent way of growing vegetables without using soil. What they might not know, is these vegetables can grow much faster while delivering larger yields when it comes to harvesting. Something else they often ponder over is the reason why this is …

Bitter Lettuce

Why Is My Hydroponic Lettuce Bitter?

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Lettuce is one of the easiest things to grow in hydroponics. You have taken up the challenge and nurtured your seeds into germination and transferred them to your hydroponics system. You have your first harvest washed and sitting in the salad bowl, but something isn’t right. Why is my hydroponic lettuce bitter? Lettuce might be one of the easiest things …

Changing Water

How Often Do You Change Water for Hydroponics?

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If you’re just getting into hydroponics, or you just want to make sure your plants are healthy, you need to maintain your water system. A big part of that is making sure you have appropriate nutrients, pH level, and clean water. How often do you change water for hydroponics? A general rule of thumb is that hydroponic water should be …

Hydroponic Equipment Online

Is It Safe to Buy Hydroponic Gardening Equipment Online?

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Over half of all purchases made annually are made online.  E-Commerce is a huge industry and most people don’t give shopping online a second thought.  But what if you are purchasing items that could be misinterpreted as questionable (read: illegal) activity? Is it safe to buy hydroponic gardening equipment online? Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy hydroponic gardening equipment …