Changing Water

How Often Do You Change Water for Hydroponics?

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If you’re just getting into hydroponics, or you just want to make sure your plants are healthy, you need to maintain your water system. A big part of that is making sure you have appropriate nutrients, pH level, and clean water. How often do you change water for hydroponics? A general rule of thumb is that hydroponic water should be …

Hydroponic Equipment Online

Is It Safe to Buy Hydroponic Gardening Equipment Online?

Oscar Stephens Frequent Questions

Over half of all purchases made annually are made online.  E-Commerce is a huge industry and most people don’t give shopping online a second thought.  But what if you are purchasing items that could be misinterpreted as questionable (read: illegal) activity? Is it safe to buy hydroponic gardening equipment online? Yes, it is perfectly safe to buy hydroponic gardening equipment …