How to Build a Wick System

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Hydroponic wick systems are one of the easiest hydroponic systems a grower can make and operate. Because of their simplicity, they are the cheapest to set up. These are fantastic for growers who are new to hydroponics, or for veteran growers who have spare space and wish to make full use of the area. A hydroponic wick system can comprise as …

Cleaning Hydroponic Systems

How to Clean a Hydroponic System: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Every grower knows what it means to keep their hydroponic grow room clean and tidy. Because we grow plants in sterile environments, any sign of bacteria or algae or pathogens can quickly ruin a crop of plants in a matter our hours or a few days. While these growers keep their areas as clean as possible, there are the systems …

How to Build a NFT System

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With the number of different hydroponic systems available for growers to purchase or build, there isn’t one that looks more elaborate or impressive as an NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system. While it seems complicated to set up, in practice it is straightforward, and it is very flexible and modular so it can be scaled up without much extra effort. While …

How to Build an Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System

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When new growers begin their journey, they often look for a system that is easy to construct, easy to maintain while still delivering high yields. While the DWC culture system can be the simplest form of the system, there is another that is a little more hands-on, but it can deliver much higher yields. This system is the Ebb and …

How to Build a Raft Hydroponic System

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There are countless ways of building hydroponic systems, and there are many growers who opt for each of the various kinds. However, some new growers look for simple systems so they can test the waters and see if hydroponics is actually for them. One system stands out. A floating raft system is simple to construct and takes minimal materials to …

Hydroponic equipment

Hydroponic Tanks: Everything you Need to Know

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Consider your hydroponics tank the heart of your system. Your water reservoir, or tank, is what holds the very thing your plants need to live: the nutrient saturated water solution. Once you start looking into hydroponic tanks more, you’ll quickly realize that they’re more complicated than simply being a tub where you hold your nutrient solution. And that can get …

Aphids on Plants

Hydroponic Pest Control: How to Protect Your Plants

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When you’re using hydroponics to do your gardening, you don’t have the same risk of pest infestation that you do when outside. However, you probably still have some concerns about protecting your plants from pests. It’s a good thing to be vigilant, but it’s even better to prevent a pest problem before one happens. So here’s what you need to …

Hydroponic Grow Light

What Grow Lights are Best for Hydroponics? A Complete Guide

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While many growers struggle with some of the many variables when running a hydroponic system, they can overcome these, and come to understand how things work. However, for newer growers, there is one area that can cause persistent problems, and seems to elude them how they can conquer it and fully understand it. This is lighting, and it is one …

Hydroponics for Kids

Hydroponics for Kids: A Complete Guide for Parents

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Today our kids are flooded with technology and it can be hard to get them interested in some good old fashioned gardening. Thankfully there’s a way to garden that can be as technical as it is timeless: hydroponics. Hydroponics, at its heart is simply using water to deliver nutrients to plants rather than soil. It doesn’t have to be the …