How to Make Liquid Fertilizer for Hydroponics

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Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants at home. New growers can quickly recover initial build costs, and their power bills are not as bad as they initially anticipated. One cost they may wish was cheaper, or there were alternatives is the price of liquid fertilizer. Because these mainly comprise of water, shipping can be more expensive, and they …

How to Grow Bamboo with Hydroponics

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Bamboo is an excellent plant to keep around your home; not only is it beautiful but it is pretty easy to care for and can increase the oxygen levels in your home significantly. You then have the Lucky Bamboo, which individuals like to have in case it will bring extra luck to them. When you trim your bamboo or want …

How to Keep Water Cool in Hydroponics: 8 Easy Ways

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One thing growers should never overlook in their hydroponic system is the temperature of their nutrient mixture. As soon as the temperature reaches over a certain point, the solution can’t hold the dissolved oxygen as long. Add to this, when there are unhealthy root masses mixed with these temperatures, it creates the perfect place for pathogens like root rot to …

How to Get Rid of Algae in Hydroponics for Good!

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Algae can cause major problems in hydroponics systems. It can build up and cling to any surface. This means there isn’t any system that can be safe from it once it gets a foothold. It sticks inside tubes, it can work its way into pumps, and it can bring a system to its knees. Once it begins to decompose, it …

Testing water pH

Learn How to Keep pH Stable in Hydroponics

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When new growers first start a hydroponic system, they often hear terms that sound confusing. One of the hardest to fathom is the pH, while you may not fully understand it in the beginning, it is something, which in theory can be learned quickly. In summary, to keep pH levels stable, it can take a few steps and a little …

How to Clean Air Stones for Hydroponics (In 5 Easy Steps)

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Any grower will want to deliver the best for their plants. There is nothing better than highly oxygenated water. This helps to deliver more oxygen directly to the roots, and it keeps all the nutrients mixed correctly rather than settling to the bottom of the reservoir. It is just as vital for the plants as your system to have air …

How to Recycle Water

How to Recycle Hydroponic Water: A Beginner’s Guide

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There are so many options to support a thriving garden and hydroponics is one of the most recent systems I’ve read about. I’ve read that recycling hydroponic water can help save me money. How to recycle hydroponic water: a beginner’s guide: Recycling water is a relatively simple process but can cost quite a bit of money between the initial investment …

Kratky Hydroponic Jar

How to Set Up Kratky Hydroponics

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For people just getting started in the world of growing plants using a hydroponic method, the various systems and methods can create a daunting environment. That said, the Kratky method is an incredibly simple set up for the novice hydroponic grower to begin with. So, how do you set up a Kratky hydroponics system? Building a Kratky system for growing …

How to Build a Wick System

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Hydroponic wick systems are one of the easiest hydroponic systems a grower can make and operate. Because of their simplicity, they are the cheapest to set up. These are fantastic for growers who are new to hydroponics, or for veteran growers who have spare space and wish to make full use of the area. A hydroponic wick system can comprise as …