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Hydroponics Unearthed – The Complete Guide for Every Grower (eBook)

It’s time to take your gardening to the next level with my massive, value packed, 288 page eBook.

I share all my tips, tricks, secrets and mistakes (that most gardeners don’t even know they’re making!) to show you how to increase yield and save time and money.

My name is Oscar and I’ve been building my own hydroponics systems for 5+ years and have probably made every mistake possible. To save you the time and expense of making the same errors, I’ve put all of my experience and know-how into one book which will quickly become your go-to guide for all things hydroponics.


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Get the Best Yield from Your Plants

Hydroponic gardens can outperform conventional gardening by delivering the right nutrients in the right quantities. Hydroponics Unearthed will guide you to the right nutrients

Grow all Year Round, Even Indoors

Control the light, temperature and nutrients in your system. Hydroponics Unearthed will explain all the equipment you need and how to choose the best for your system.

No Need for Chemical Weedkillers

Worried about the chemicals that get used in conventional gardening and farming? Hydroponics Unearthed will show you why you don’t need expensive chemical weed killers.

Stop Algae Blooms Choking Your Plants

Too many growers set up their systems only to have it over-run with algae which choke their plants. Hydroponics Unearthed will show you industry best practice to keep algae at bay.

Stop Pests Eating Your Healthy Plants

There’s nothing worse than having your loving cared for plants ravaged by pests. Hydroponics Unearthed will show you how to identify and remove pests from your system.

Stop Nutrient Deficiency in Your Plants

My handy nutrient deficiency guide and pull out page will show you how to identify what nutrients your plants need and what to do about it.








“As a beginner this book had everything I needed. I grew my own herbs in the kitchen for cooking but Hydroponics Unearthed has dramatically changed my system for the better!”

Alison K


“I have been growing hydroponically for a few years before I got Hydroponics Unearthed. I had never understood how to size the pumps for my system but now I know”

Matthew West


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