Aerogarden Bounty Basic Review – Everything you need to know

I’m often asked “What’s the easiest way to get started with hydroponics?”

My response is usually one of two replies. I either point them in the direction of my website (which you’re helpfully reading!) or show them a turn key solution.

The Aerogarden Bounty Basic is one of the turn key solutions I point towards as a great product to get anyone started growing hydroponically without all the complicated extras that gardeners have to look out for!

What is the Aerogarden Bounty Basic?

While I’m a big advocate for building your own hydroponic system, it’s not always practical, especially if you have very limited room, a busy family life or just can’t be bothered to invest the time yourself to do the research, but the parts and build your own system. That’s where solutions like the Bounty Basic come in.

The bounty basic offers everything you need to get started with hydroponic growing in your own home without the hassle of building your own system. The kit comes with a water reservoir, custom net cups, pre-seeded germination chambers and dimmable LED grow lights.

Aerogarden Bounty Basic Key features

If you’re looking for a turn key solution there are a few items you want to be aware of:

  • The bounty basic comes with the recommended nutrient quantities and types. No need to spend hours looking at labels to work out if you’ve got the right nutrients for your plants
  • Seed pods and seeds included to get you up and running in no time at all. Just plug in and get growing
  • Connects to Wi-fi. You can turn off the grow lights and monitor your crops with the Aerogarden app from anywhere to make sure they’re staying fit and healthy.
  • LED grow lights have better lifespans than traditional grow lights to reduce the need for maintenance and replacement parts
  • Vacation mode slows down water usage while you’re away to avoid your plant running out of water

Why the Bounty Basic?

So why do I recommend the aerogarden bounty basic as my go to turn key solution?

  • It’s compact – I have one that sits in my kitchen on the worksurfaces. It fills a space under a wall mounted cabinet very nicely which makes cooking with herbs from the bounty basic very easy, they’re just an arms reach away from being harvested when needed.
  • Unlike previous models or other competitors the LED lights are dimmable. I sometimes have my bounty basic sitting in the window where it doesn’t need as much light except for evening times. I can save electricity by setting the lights to dim during the day and brighten in the evenings.
  • I love growing hydroponically! Hydroponics delivers the nutrients directly to your plants, this increases yields and reduces grow time so you can go from seed to plate much quicker than in conventional gardens.

Is there anything not to like?

Nothing is perfect! That’s what my mum always told me growing up. Whilst the aerogarden bounty basic is excellent there are a few things you should be aware of before buying.

  • Refill kits – Over time the seed posts need replacing and lights need swapping out (fortunately they’re LED lights so this isn’t very frequent!). As the seed pots aren’t the usual hydroponic net cup size you have to buy refill kits from aerogardens who certainly mark the price up a little. Whilst this isn’t a big problem for getting fresh herbs and veg onto your plate it’s a cost that can catch people out.
  • Price – Whilst the bounty basic is cheaper than its ‘Elite’ cousin it’s still not what most people would call cheap. It is definitely cheaper to build your own system from scratch, having said that it’s not always time effective to do that. If you’re looking for an easy way to get into hydroponics or grow your own herbs then the price shouldn’t put you off.


Whilst the price can put some people off, I’m going to continue to recommend the aerogarden bounty basic as an easy way to get into hydroponics.

From unboxing to planting seeds can take as little as 5 minutes and you can see tasty results in less than two weeks (depending on what you grow!). If you don’t have a garden, are looking to get into hydroponics, or simply want to get homegrown food on your plate. You won’t go wrong with the bounty basic.