Bloombastic vs Big Bud: What Works Best In Hydroponics?

In hydroponics, the ultimate goal is to grow the best crop possible, in as fast a time as possible. This soil-less method is as organic as it can get and promotes optimal growth of your crops without using pesticides or harmful chemicals.

The aspiration to accelerate the growing process even further is also every grower’s mission in life. This ideal scenario of increasing food production, of increasing profits for the business itself, would be a dream come true for any farmer.

Two products that would make that possible would be Bloombastic and Big Bud. Bloombastic is ideal for use with flowers to augment the size of the bloom and sweeten the smell, while Big Bud has been engineered to increase the size and intensify the aroma of the buds on your marijuana plant.

Bloombastics Big Growth In Hydroponics

If you are an experienced hydroponics grower who has mastered this growing method, have fine-tuned the nutrition delivery systems, and are harvesting your crops on such a regular basis that it is making your outdoor farming buddy drool with envy, then you probably think that you have no room for improvement.

Surprisingly, there is a way to grow your crops even faster without sacrificing the organic nature that you have been nurturing for years and pack on extra size to your veggies at the same time.

As hard as that is to believe at first, the way to super-size your crops in a reduced time period is to use an organic bloom enhancer. All hydroponics stores keep them in stock, knowing that they are a secret weapon that should be added to the arsenal of every grower.

Composed of organic fertilizers and nutrients, this plant booster gives a continuous burst of additional hormones that accelerates the growing process to another level and will impress the most experienced growers with harvests delivered in record times.

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Flowers that have been dosed with this formulation tend to have an enhanced smell and a bigger bloom, as well as richer colors. Bloombastic is an accelerator that does what it says on the packet. The fact that it can improve the growing capability of plants grown hydroponically is a testament to its incredible enhancing ability, and that can only benefit every grower in this medium.

But what else does Bloombastic bring to the table apart from an incredibly accelerated growing period and a rosier smell?

The answer is in the taste. Being an excellent delivery system, Bloombastic increases the transfer of sugars from the plant itself to the produce, which ultimately influences the taste and texture of your hydroponic crop, making fruits and vegetables seem even riper, sweeter, and juicier. In the case of flowers, a bigger bloom can only mean a better flower.

One of the many reasons modern growers love hydroponics is that crops are grown in a much healthier environment than traditional farming, and every single one of them administers tender care to their crops with the ultimate goal of having bigger, better, and more frequent harvests.

Yet even the most hermetically sealed hydroponics farms are not immune to possible infections and the occasional outbreak. By using a bloom enhancer, an array of extra vitamins are infused into the nutrient cycle to further boost the immune system in this inter-connected network, further throwing up a protective shield to ward against any encroaching diseases and to improve overall health.

Bloombastic has all the nutritional ingredients needed to turbocharge the growth and budding potential of flowers and plants in hydroponics. There are, not surprisingly, other bloom boosters on the market that present a lot of stiff competition, to see who can get the title as the blooming best.

Is Big Bud Better?

Another contender for the biggest budder on the market is Big Bud. It is a flowering stimulant specifically designed to kick the flowering process into overdrive. And it does so extremely well for the cannabis plant.

One of the reasons for its effectiveness is the high concentration of PK in the formula. PK, phosphorus, and potassium, are two ingredients in the mix that are administered specifically during the flowering period to fatten the buds so they are denser and thicker and to supercharge the growing period.

This stimulation, used towards the end of the flowering period, creates an explosion in the blooming of the buds by thickening the actual cell walls of the plants. Because it is so highly concentrated, following the manufacturer’s instructions is vital to achieve a deeper aromatic flavor and to increase its intensity.

In hydroponics, organic nutrients are best and Big Bud should definitely be a welcome addition to the nutrient regimen, delivering 20 different forms of L-amino acids that help to bulk up your buds and augment the yield by up to an impressive 20%.

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It’s important to recognize that not all bloom boosters are created equal, or that one brand will suit all types of crops. In the case of marijuana plants, there are several stages of growth development, and the technicians that developed the Big Bud formula were very conscious of this fact.

Marijuana plants change drastically as they start to bloom, first through the early growing period, then into the peak budding level, and finally into the ultimate late bloom stage. Within the hydroponic growing system, these blooming phases have different nutritional requirements and varying PK ratio needs, and Big Bud is an important component in each of these developing stages.

The Best Bloom Booster For Hydroponics: Verdict

The decision to use a bloom enhancer in hydroponics should be an easy one, a no-brainer. They increase the metabolic rate of your plants so they grow up bigger and stronger, and these organic enhancers help to increase the number of harvestable crops. But which one to choose?

In the case of Bloombastic and Big Bud, it is largely dependent on the type of crops to be grown. Either one of these bloom boosters, if used at the right phases, will propel the growth potential of your product to the next level to make them bigger, thicker, juicier, and tastier.

They will continue to do this for every new harvest, season after season, bursting the seams of your crops to their fullest blooming potential. Without a doubt these bloom enhancers are a winner no matter which one you opt for, either one is more than capable of giving a turbocharged boost to your next hydroponic harvest.

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